Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Someone is walking!

We are back from vacation (which explains the big gap in posts) and guess what?!!  Maddie went from taking a few steps to walking across the room!  She actually walks to get places, as of today!  It is crazy how quick she learned (first step on Chloe's birthday a little over a month ago)!!  

Nice work Maddie!  It is awesome to see how excited she is to walk.  She gets so excited that she goes too fast and can't slow herself down, and tumbles.  I am sure she will find the brakes soon, or if she is anything like Chloe will just learn to steer better at high speeds.

Side note:  How is Madeline walking already?  Didn't we just have her?!  That was more than 10 months ago!!  Speaking of, I need to get planning on her big first birthday party!  Time flies when you are having fun/ running around like a crazy person/ not sleeping/ laughing all the time/ you get the picture.... being a parent!  

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Amber said...

We were so glad to see her skills first hand, even if it was only for a little while! Go Maddie Go!