Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Before and After

So we have the professional Santa photo. This is before: And this is after.
Can you see the difference? Andrew did a little photoshop magic (thanks for the birthday present Mom and Dad) to make this a little more of a keepsake photo..... once you see the difference you will see why photoshop came into play. Pretty funny.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meeting Santa!

Chloe had a VERY exciting day today! The day started out with present wrapping....and play time with ribbons :)

At lunch we went to Rotary and Chloe met Santa!! We expected Chloe to be afraid of the jolly stranger, but she was just fine! There was a professional photographer there who surely took a much better picture to be posted later :) We just had to show this today!

After Santa left we went outside and got to meet one of his reindeer! This reindeer's name is Star. She was so cute! Although I was never a proponent of reindeer sausage before, now I am adamantly against it. Star is way too cute to eat. I got to pet her fuzzy little nose, and we fed her Reindeer treats. What do reindeer like to eat you ask??? Well this particular reindeer loves frosted shredded wheat cereal. Yum. When Star is not helping Santa deliver presents she lives here in downtown Anchorage on the park strip where people can visit her all year round.
It was a pretty great Christmas Eve Eve. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl. She was happy all day long, and I was happy too- because she let me sleep pretty much all night long! Thanks Chloe!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yummy Yams

Peas were a bust (She only took one bite and it came right back out), but yams went over great! I didn't use a bib this time becasue I had to change her out of her jammies soon anyway. When she finished the little bowl of pureed yams I let her take the spoon. This is what happened....

Yum. This was followed by a nice bath, a change of clothes and a long nap. Being a baby seems like a pretty fun job.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Brrr it's chilly

It is pretty cold up here...but oh so beautiful! We have had this weird dense fog the last few days that has coated the trees in ice crystals. It looks like everything is flocked in white sparkles. It is gorgeous.Although it is chilly outside, it is nice and toasty inside. Chloe is comfy cozy in her new Christmas PJ's. I looked all over to find a two piece set-- it makes midnight diaper changes so much easier! Chloe also loves them, she loves them so much she insisted on this little photo shoot today.
Chloe playing downstairs. She is mid babble here. She can now say BABABABA...and to Andrew's delight DADADADA. He thinks she is saying DADA, but I am holding out for MAMA as the first word. I may be holding out for a long time because she hasn't said anything remotely close to it yet. And today she looked straight at Andrew and Said DADI.
I said in my last post that she is now eating butternut squash- here is proof! I made a BUNCH of baby food today, so she will be moving on to pea puree tomorrow morning, then to yam puree after that. Yum I tried it, and they were both delicious.
I had to throw these in too.... These are from the Civil War game(Oregon vs. Oregon State). Chloe has on her official ducks gear her dad picked out. So cute!
Loving her "DADI" :)
We are currently in the process of decorating for Christmas, so the next pics will be even more festive :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last of the Oregon Pics

It's time to finally get the last of the pics up, and get on to the holidays and all of our home projects we have been doing these past few weeks!

Chloe loved the visits to Tuesday's house...and especially enjoyed all of the fun toys she got to try out. She especially liked the Merry Muscles jumper.
Oh yeah look at that happy little girl!
Here she is visiting with Tuesday's Mom, Amber!! Another fav!
On our last day we went to breakfast at the French Press (super yummy), and Chloe got more time with her favorite uncle Alex.
She also got some time with Jaime, Alex's girlfriend. I should say hair time...Chloe loves pulling hair!
All of the family time was wonderful, but the memory that sticks out the most was seeing Alex's twin at breakfast. I took a picture so we could document the moment in history. He looked so much like Alex it was creepy!

Time with Dad.
Time with Mom
Time with Grandpa Peters
More time with Grandpa.
We took a lot of pictures of grandpa time..Evidence that Grandma got some time in too!
It was an awesome trip! Thanks so much!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Firsts!

Chloe's first flight..She was a trooper.
Chloe's first time in playing with a fancy exersaucer that quacks moos meows and barks.....fun noises!
Chloe learns how to ring a bell...she also equally enjoys sucking on it.
First FOOD!!! We tried to feed her rice cereal... she didn't think it was that great. Actually she thought it was disgusting! We tried a few more times but gave up on the rice cereal...she is now on to butternut squash, and she really likes it!
First drink from a cup! She got the water in her mouth, but I think all of it came back out onto her shirt. We now let her try to drink in the presence of a bib.
Her first french press.... GPa Peters just let her suck on the cup-no coffee yet...although I do think that coffee loving is in her blood. She is my daughter after all.
First time "jumping" in the fall leaves.
First piano- actually first xylophone/piano hybrid. Her Great GMa Peters brought it over for her to play with. She LOVES it. She pounds on that thing all the time! Very adorable.
Still more photos to come.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Meeting her family!

We are finally getting a moment to sit back and go through all of our photos from our Oregon trip. These are pictures of all of Chloe's new family! It was great for her to finally meet all of the people that have been adoring her from a far. It was also great for us to see everyone too!

Chloe meeting Adrianna, (my cousin's little girl)...not sure what that makes her to Chloe...but she is so adorable!! She may have been Chloe's favorite of the night. Chloe lit up and squealed when she saw another little person to play with. Chloe loved especially loved Adrianna's long hair; it was super fun to pull!
Seeing her Great Grandma Peters! You can see the binky in her mouth....this means she is super sleepy but holding in there to spend more time with the fam. Four generations in one photo!! GGma Rogers, Gma Peters, Me and Chloe. Andrew took about 75 photos during this session, and this was one of two photos where everyone was looking at the camera. Thank goodness for digital photography!!

Chloe caught red handed stealing GGma Rogers' glasses.Looks like she was forgiven :)
Chloe meeting her great Aunt Emily. (My mom's sister).
Chloe is so lucky to have so many people who love her! She had a fantastic time meeting everyone! Looking back now I wish we had gotten pictures with more people, but we were too busy enjoying the moments ourselves. More to come!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

made it back, safe and sound

We are back, and rested up from our trip to Oregon!! Little Chloe was an expert traveler, thank goodness! Well we have so so many pictures from all of our visits, it is going to take a while to sort through all of them and post the best ones. So for now, we are just posting the ones we took when we got back.

Here is Chloe enjoying some tummy time on her foam alphabet mat. She just loves her new Manhattan Toy from Grandma and Grandpa Peters :) Yum!

We also went out for some family time in the snow...yes it is a gorgeous snowy winter wonderland up here in Alaska. With nearly a foot of snow on the ground, it is hard not to enjoy ourselves...Chloe is just so adorable in her super puffy baby suit.
She looks cute, but did not crack a smile. She did not seem to enjoy the outing as much as we had hoped. It may have been a mix of the huge puffy outfit, cold air, and sleepiness that put her over the edge.... her expression explains it all. She was soon in tears, and I was back in the car with her while Andrew finished up exercising the dogs at the park.

We will give it another try soon. Next time we will plan it for after her nap time :)
More posts and pictures to come about our fun filled trip! Just wanted to let everyone know we are back and doing great!