Monday, August 23, 2010

anyone in the market?

a link to our house posting!!

I am shocked it didn't sell in the first day :) I shouldn't be though, it seems the universe is conspiring to make all potential buyers run for their lives. The first showing didn't even happen. The people didn't even want to come out of their car, said the agent who just came right in the house 25 minutes early. Very weird. #1 who just walks right into someones house?, and #2 dude, at least come check out the inside, we were sweating bricks to clean for the short notice showing.

Okay the second one was weird. It was this weekend. I took the dogs and baby for a walk while Andrew stayed at home to show the house. I was gone for 45 minutes, and wanted to be sure I didn't interrupt the showing. So the people were only there a max of 3 minutes per Andrew's exasperated story. They show up, it is a nice sunny day, which is great because the backyard is an awesome selling feature. Well they got more than they bargained for back there.

Apparently our next door neighbor thought it would be an awesome time to practice his giant Indiana Jones whip technique. I am not even kidding. Andrew said he had on huge leather gloves and had like a lion taming whip. WHAT??!! I have never seen him practice any whipping of any kind, ever, and he chose that minute to do it? Their kids also must have been hopped up on sugar because they too were in rare form trying to climb over the fence. UGH. COME ON!

All afternoon no-one was out, and they chose this literally 5 minute window to go outside and be weird. We didn't see them out again the rest of the day.

I can't say this was why the showing only lasted 3 minutes, but I have to guess it was a contributing factor.

Wish us luck going forward!

just like daddy

So these are archive photos (from 2 weeks ago), but it was such a cute moment I had to share it! ...So what I remember of this day was that we were both exhausted- probably from all of the house work. Andrew took a catnap on the couch, and Chloe did the most adorable thing! She took the other pillow from the couch, threw it on the ground and laid on it, trying to copy her Dad. She would pretend she was asleep then bolt up with glee. This was super fun for her, and she did it over and over again, squealing and laughing most of the time. This of course woke Andrew, but I am sure he wouldn't have wanted to miss this anyway!
Too cute! Good thing we are always perfect examples for little Chloe and are always on our best behavior........ Well from now on that should be the plan, because she is one smart little girl, who picks up on EVERYTHING. Oh my gosh I would be so embarrassed (and I am sure "will be" is the appropriate term) if this little angel waddled up to someone and dropped an F bomb. Luckily "Dog" is her favorite word now. Very G rated around here from now on! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Occupying Chloe

So our house is finally OFFICIALLY on the market!!! This means that we have to keep a spotless home 100% of the time. This has already been a challenge and we have only had the place listed for 2 days! The dogs constantly shed, (wishing we had a hairless variety about now), and Chloe is her usual tornado replicating self. I was trying to get the last pictures of our room, and Chloe kept trying to add a little action to the shots: see her contributions to my efforts below:

Dad's closet was a little too neat, so Chloe helped out by making it look a little more lived in. She sees him put on a tie every day, and it looks like she is trying to be just like her Dad.
Love this shot; she looks like she is finally putting her feet up after a long day at the office.
Posing for the camera.
I tried to bribe her with some of my necklaces, to keep her little hands out of Andrew's ties, and our drawers. It worked for a while.
Here she is coming to put one of the necklaces on me. What a thoughtful little girl!
Although having a little one around does make every job much more difficult, it is still worth it. Just look at this face. How could I resist such a cute little helper?
If you are interested, I will post our house pictures next.

Monday, August 16, 2010

good job Andrew!

Just want to congratulate my amazing husband on finishing his first half marathon since Chloe was born!! Way to go Andrew!!!

Post race with Chloe. She was so happy to see him at the finish line!
The whole family :)
Chloe and I did not run this time, but we cheered the runners on from the sidelines at various points on the course. Chloe is an expert cheerer. She put a smile on every runner's face, especially her dad's!

It was another fun and busy weekend. Gone before we knew it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Le French Baby

Chloe always looks adorable, but these days she is looking even more fashionable than usual. She has a new French wardrobe from her Grandma Donna's recent trip to Paris. oh my gosh the clothes are so cute. The sizes are a little wonky and say 12-23 months, which seems like a really long time to fit, but here's hoping!!! I have her in a few of the new outfits here:

Chloe at Grandma and Grandpa Romerdahl's in her brand new jacket. (dress by Grandma Julie)
The back is the cutest! The pea coat button finish on the back just may be my favorite part!
I made an amazing discovery: Chloe loves to color. I know, you are probably thinking duh!!! But we did not have crayons for her until last week, because I didn't think she could put enough pressure down to make them color. As with most assumptions I make about Chloe I was totally wrong. I bought a bunch of crayons with the back to school price of 25 cents a box, who could resist.
I set up a coloring station at one end of the kitchen, and it is awesome. I mean AWESOME!!! She will run right over there, sit on her coloring mat (aka a giant flattened moving box) and color away for hours! Well maybe more like 10 minutes, but in still baby time that equals hours to me. She has taken the crayons to other areas, like the sliding door, and "gasp from Andrew" the TV. But they wash right off. No biggie!

Chloe has learned to stick out her tongue too! I just have to ask "Chloe where is your tongue?" and she sticks it out with glee. So freaking cute!
A good shot of another French outfit from Grandma Donna. The jacket again is my favorite! It is reversible, The inside is a cool textured purple fabric. I of course prefer the more wild pattern!
She has a hat to go with too!
We do let Chloe watch some TV (I know how horrible :) ). She really likes anything with animals. Here she sees a dog on the animal planet. As you can see she LOVES dogs! When she sees one she lights up just like this and screams "dog!!!!!"
Just being cute.
So much happens every day, it is hard to remember what is new and what not. But when I look back at the blog I realize that pretty much everything she is doing is new, and I need to (no we need to) do a better job capturing it all!!

Andrew got me a new video recorder (the size of my i-phone) for my birthday, so hopefully we will have more videos to share soon! I can just keep the camcorder in my purse all the time!

PS it has been raining here for weeks on end, can we get some of the nice global warming from the rest of the country please?????