Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Clothes

Oh yes, those are silver leggings and a ballerina skirt.... we couldn't resist. Yesterday was a super fun shopping day, and of course Chloe was the main benefactor! Baby clothes are so adorable, we just couldn't say no.

Seriously, could you say no to this adorable girl? So she may not be asking in words yet...but she if she could, she would! Tiny fingers. An outfit to drool over :)
Happy happy baby.
Aside from dressing up our baby, we also do other read bedtime stories...
....and teach her the merits of a good micro brew. Don't worry we only let her suck on the glass, not the contents. With her little curious hands we have to be on high alert at all times.

Awh so much fun! Every day is more and more exciting. Today she talked to uncle Alex on the phone, and may have said her first word..."Hi!" She said it twice... We will have to see if she does it again, or if it was just an amazing coincidence! Either way it was cute!

Monday, November 9, 2009

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!

It started snowing Sunday night... I was so excited I ran outside and took a picture of the deck. Well it kept snowing and snowing, and we woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. It is so gorgeous outside! I love love love Christmas, and this is all the permission I needed to find my Christmas Cd's. I just love the holidays! I am running around giddy.

The funny thing is that Sunday night, we took pictures all bundled up outside! Little did we know that the snow was coming hours later :)

Yeah baby, a RED door!! In all of our home improvements this is my favorite! We are working on a ton of energy improvements...and this door is both very attractive, and very energy efficient. I would show you all of the other things we are doing, but pictures of caulking and insulation aren't really that exciting.

Chloe is safe and warm inside the babyhawk and tucked in my cozy jacket. The knit hat from Amber is the cherry on top. She is so cute!
If we don't post for a while it is because we are busy having snowball fights!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little Scholar

Little Chloe is already a book lover! She is reading one of her colorful books from baby gap! Well not really reading, but browsing :)
You may also notice our little genius is wearing her Georgetown law shirt from her Aunt Elena :)
Here is Chloe taking a break from her studies for a little fun. It is so much fun to make her laugh!
She is so adorable! Every day just keeps getting better than the last. Giggles are getting louder by the day, but it still takes a whole lot of work to get one out of her! It is so worth the effort though; it is the best sound in the world.

Monday, November 2, 2009

happy halloween!

It was Halloween but it was also another big day.....Oregon Football day! This was the big USC game, so Andrew went all out and dressed Chloe up in green and yellow duck colors! The game was awesome! Chloe fell asleep during all of the action so we caught her up the next morning.
We also celebrated Halloween in style! Chloe dressed up as a mouse (which she did not really appreciate). The costume was adorable but the nose kept hanging down over her she didn't stay in this outfit for long.
After her costume change :) Much happier! Thank you Aunt Julie and Uncle Mike for this adorable dalmatian jacket!
I am worried Chloe is going to think Halloween is like Christmas with all of the presents she got to open! Her Aunt Elena sent her this cute bib.
And Jodi sent her this one! Very adorable, and although she is not eating yet, the bibs come in handy for all of her drool!
All in all this was a great Halloween! And a great game day!