Friday, February 24, 2012

Finished another sweater!

Baby sweaters are just the best!  I finished one for baby Catherine Zahra, but have yet to meet up with Farah to drop it off.  There is only so long I can wait with an adorable sweater before I just can't resist putting it on Madeline.  It matches the one I made for Chloe a while back.  I just love this noro yarn!

I also have a pretty cute model :)  Oh I should take a photo of both girls in the sweaters........maybe after nap time!  Love it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sister time

As Maddie is growing, getting stronger, and even more mobile (army crawls), I notice the two girls are getting closer.  Chloe is a very sweet little girl and is always trying to help Maddie out.  It is pretty adorable!

Madeline's hat is courtesy of Chloe :)  

Still no word on the next house..... hopefully there will be good news soon!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Holy Cow!  We sold our house!  Now we just have to wait to hear back on our offer for the new house! Either way we are moving out in about a month!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

Our Valentines Day this year was very different from any other year.  It really isn't just about us anymore, it is more about our family and making it a special day for the girls.  It was really pretty awesome.  

Chloe got special nail polish which she picked out herself.  It is super easy to get the dots, just dip a toothpick in the white polish and apply!  Chloe loved her nails and looked at them all day!  

 Maddie of course is a little young for polish but she found a way to rock her own style.
 This is completely natural.  Every time I give her a bath her hair pops back into this mohawk.  I don't even brush it this way, use gel or anything!
 For most of the day we decorated Valentines.  Looking back perhaps we should have done this earlier so we could actually mail them before Valentine's day, but oh well.  Maybe next year :)  Art took up pretty much the whole day.  She was glued to that table.  After her nap she ran downstairs and started decorating again.  It was awesome.
 Here are a few finished products.  Glitter was definitely her favorite part! She called it "sprinkles" and couldn't get enough.  

 When Andrew got home we started making our special dinner.  It was amazing!  Also amazing was that I really didn't have to do much of the cooking.  I prepped a little, but for the most part my amazing husband took care of everything!  We are on a swimsuit diet so everything was healthy (well except the wine)!

Ahi and avocado salad
 Ocean salad (octopus, seaweed, pickled ginger etc)
 Coconut sticky rice
 wine of course
 Wasabi and black and white Sesame Crusted Seared Ahi
 Roasted asparagus
 Seared five spice scallops
 And good company.  The food was completely amazing.  Chloe tried everything and especially loved the "shrimp"  or as we call it, Seared Ahi.  She probably ate a third of it.  The coconut sticky rice was also a huge hit.  
It is really fun to make a special dinner every now and then.  I am so lucky to have a family who loves to cook, and to try new foods.  If any of you would like any of these recipes just let me know (the only exception is the ocean salad as that was store bought).  Every single thing was amazing!  It will be hard to top this Valentine's day but I am sure when Madeline can actively participate it will get even better!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Before and After....Phew!

Sorry we have disappeared!  It has been CRAZY busy here getting ready to put our house back up on the market!  We have been doing lots and lots to update, organize and most of all purge!  Super huge thanks to Amber who flew all the way up from Oregon to help me out while Andrew was in NYC, DC, and Seattle for the longest business trip ever!!(nearly 2 weeks).  Not only did she keep me company but she even scrubbed out my cabinets, helped stage the house (pretty much told me what to do with every room), and even cleaned out and organized my junk drawer.  She must live by the motto "if you have time to lean you have time to clean!" or at least that was the motto of the 12 days she was here!

Well after all that scrubbing we have A LOT to show for it!  A few Before and afters are in order:

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER
(New floors courtesy of my amazing parents!!)

Half bath BEFORE

(we did have a mirror, I had just taken it off already)

half bath AFTER
(amazing what a little paint and a shelf can do right?!!)

 Staircase BEFORE

Staircase AFTER
(notice small children can no longer fall through the huge railing gaps thanks to Andrews handy work, new carpet no longer cascades down the wall, and of course no more 80's wood color!)

I don't have any more before and afters of these next rooms because mostly the big changes were in purging and organizing the madness that is life at our house.   

 More big changes upstairs with new paint color and new caulking that I did all on my own!  Awesome right?!
 Did a professional caulk that tub?  No it was super Carmen!  Thanks to my also-super parents for the amazing tile work.
This was a ton of hard work, and finally we are done (well pretty much).  I can not even imagine what it will be like to just sit down, or to do something other than clean and renovate on the weekends, and really every waking hour.  I have a few more photos of our now immaculate house but for now I am going to sign our listing papers and get some sleep!  Wish us luck for a quick sale this time around!