Sunday, February 12, 2012

Before and After....Phew!

Sorry we have disappeared!  It has been CRAZY busy here getting ready to put our house back up on the market!  We have been doing lots and lots to update, organize and most of all purge!  Super huge thanks to Amber who flew all the way up from Oregon to help me out while Andrew was in NYC, DC, and Seattle for the longest business trip ever!!(nearly 2 weeks).  Not only did she keep me company but she even scrubbed out my cabinets, helped stage the house (pretty much told me what to do with every room), and even cleaned out and organized my junk drawer.  She must live by the motto "if you have time to lean you have time to clean!" or at least that was the motto of the 12 days she was here!

Well after all that scrubbing we have A LOT to show for it!  A few Before and afters are in order:

Kitchen BEFORE

Kitchen AFTER
(New floors courtesy of my amazing parents!!)

Half bath BEFORE

(we did have a mirror, I had just taken it off already)

half bath AFTER
(amazing what a little paint and a shelf can do right?!!)

 Staircase BEFORE

Staircase AFTER
(notice small children can no longer fall through the huge railing gaps thanks to Andrews handy work, new carpet no longer cascades down the wall, and of course no more 80's wood color!)

I don't have any more before and afters of these next rooms because mostly the big changes were in purging and organizing the madness that is life at our house.   

 More big changes upstairs with new paint color and new caulking that I did all on my own!  Awesome right?!
 Did a professional caulk that tub?  No it was super Carmen!  Thanks to my also-super parents for the amazing tile work.
This was a ton of hard work, and finally we are done (well pretty much).  I can not even imagine what it will be like to just sit down, or to do something other than clean and renovate on the weekends, and really every waking hour.  I have a few more photos of our now immaculate house but for now I am going to sign our listing papers and get some sleep!  Wish us luck for a quick sale this time around!


Gma Julie said...

The house looks great! Can't say I'll miss the odd purple bathroom color.

We'll keep our fingers crossed for a quick sale!

Gdad/mom - P said...

Wow, WoW, WOW! You guys did a great job! Great colors, workmanship and de-cluttering. It looks like it's going to move fast!

Anonymous said...

Carmen and Amber,

What a refreshing change, it really looks much more modern. I wish you the best for a speedy and full price offer!!!

Glad to have you back and communicating.


Amber said...

The worst thing about it was that we were having so much fun organizing and keeping so busy that the trip went too fast! We miss you mucho mucho already! Kisses!

Cyrus said...

Looks awesome Carmen! How much to come do mine?! :) Good luck selling!

colorchic said...

Looks wonderful! It's sure to sell quickly! Good Luck!

Ceara said...

Wow! AMAZING!!!! I love all your changes... and yes, I think Amber does live by that motto :) You've inspired me to do some changes to my house!