Saturday, October 13, 2012

Museum Day

It has been a long time since se last went out to the museum, so this weekend we decided to take the girls out to do something "new".  It was Maddie's first time going when she could actually play with things....and she sure made the most of it!  We had an awesome time at the Imaginarium (kids area).  Super cool!  Since we do so much outside during the summer I almost completely forgot about how much fun it is to go to the museum.  With winter approaching (snow expected in a few days) we will definitely be going back soon!

There is a huge science wing.  Chloe is using a pulley system to simulate the force needed to create a tsunami. 

Peekaboo!  Looking out from a tree fort.

There is a huge lawn out front, and it was pretty cute to see the girls run all over together. 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Indoor fun

 You know when the kids are quiet....something is going on???  Well yesterday I was feeling way too comfortable and looked around.....Where is Chloe......

She was in the living room with a big bag of play dough.  I had told her playdough is never ever allowed on the carpet, so this was quite an interesting interpretation of my rules.  She was not on the carpet she explained- she was in a box.  Well I suppose that is true........and the more I thought about it, the more I started to like the idea!  So I added Madeline to the box, and also added parental supervision.  It was a good combo! Next time I will add a sheet under the box too.

 Yes a little went in the mouth, but it was mostly homemade, so there is (likely) no permanent damage!
Hopefully I will be able to come up with more creative indoor play ideas this winter!  I did join a cool outdoor play group that meets all winter, so the girls will get lots of outdoor time with lots of other kids too!  One group I joined even does a weekly hike!  How cool is that?!!  Answer: VERY COOL!  I am very excited for all that winter has in store for us!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Let it Fall!

Friday night we got a cool surprise.  Snow!!!  We were headed up to bed when Maddie pointed up to  the skylight and clapped.  I looked up and whoa!  It was spotted with....snow?!  Of course I yelled down to Andrew in excitement, and sure enough when we turned on the outside lights we could see that it was snowing!  Bedtime was then delayed so Chloe could go outside.  We didn't think it would stick past morning so we wanted to make the most of it that night.  But to our shock, not only did the snow stick, but there was A LOT of it when we woke up Saturday Morning.  It was beautiful, and very very exciting for the girls (and us too!!).  Went went on a snow walk, but it took a while because Chloe kept diving in the snow at every possible opportunity.      

 Here I am brushing the snow off her face and neck so she can continue her snow quest.

Madeline was nice and toasty in the Chariot and took a crazy long nap in there.  I "had to" (got to) keep walking in loops around the neighborhood until she woke up, while Andrew took Chloe in to warm up.    Andrew decided we should celebrate the day by having an early Christmas.  We listened to Christmas music, and even had a Christmas dinner complete with (traeger smoked) turkey, stuffing, green beans, whipped sweet potatoes, and brown sugared acorn squash.  It was such a wonderful day.  I think Christmas at first snow will be a new tradition :)  The only thing we didn't do was presents but that is only because both girls crashed hard on the way to the toy store and slept like little rocks while we ran all of our errands.  Chloe only vaguely woke up to drop off a birthday card to "close-by Grandma" for her birthday.  I'll bet Donna didn't expect snow for her birthday, but it sure was a happy surprise for us!