Monday, June 27, 2011

museum weekend

We had a fun day at the museum this weekend.  Friday was almost 80 here, so I expected lots of great weather for the weekend, but it turned out to be cloudy and drizzly at instead of the zoo we went to the museum!  Every time we go it is different.  This time Chloe got to touch starfish, and even a king crab (no pictures as I was super excited to get to touch them too.)  It is so fun to explore with Chloe!
We see a bus outside

Pretty flowers.  we smelled each color.

making music.

Mr. Potato head

Sure he has a mustache and a purse.

playing with people.

sound effects too?  this is awesome!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"nap time" in progress

As Chloe is officially a "big girl" now, We decided to make the switch to the "big girl" bed.  The side came off the crib last week, and so far she is doing stellar!    We thought she would be roaming all over her room at night and during nap times, wrecking havok on her dresser contents and loaded bookshelf but it never happened! 
She stays in bed, and OMG even took herself to the potty (in her room) after one of her naps this week!
She sure seems to like the big girl bed, and we love it!  It is so nice to read her stories in bed now, when before it was impossible to bend over the rails and make it through a whole story.  Of course sometimes she doesn't want to go to sleep- like any two year old, and tries to follow us out of the room, but after a little whining she gets into bed herself and dozes off.  What a good little girl we have!  Yay!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Chloe is two!

Like any perfect birthday, the day started off with a cupcake we made together the night before.  Chocolate with pink frosting was Chloe's very specific request.  She didn't really eat much of the cupcake but did enjoy the frosting very much.
 Next up we went to Snow City Cafe for breakfast, where Chloe got her all-time favorite blueberry pancakes.  She also got to wear her special birthday shirt.  She knows her numbers so she can tell you she is two now!  Holding up two fingers is still a little tough but she tries! 
 You may notice the binky has made a re-appearance....well that is a whole different post.  She fell and hurt her lip big time so we let her have it to keep the vaseline in place and to help with the pain too.  
 After breakfast we continued the fun with our very first trip to the zoo!  It was AWESOME!!!!!  Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Peters for the membership!  Chloe absolutely loved the place.  And so did we!  We will definitely be going there A LOT this summer, and winter too!
You can get really really close to the animals...maybe too close.
 There are cool boardwalk bridges, and trails that lead all through the beautiful wilderness to the different animal habitats.  It is much less commercial than any zoo I have seen- I don't think there is even a gift shop.....more likely is that we didn't see it tacked away somewhere in the wilderness.
 To Chloe's delight Grandma Romerdahl got to come along with us too.  
  She pretty much loved the entire place.
Checking out the tigers with Dad was pretty great too!  
 After nap time we had a little party for Chloe with Grandma and Grandpa Romerdahl, where Chloe got her very own cupcake with a giant candle.  She LOVED it when we sang to her, and also loved blowing out the candle.  She just wanted us to keep lighting it so we would sing to her over and over again.  Of course we did it.  You only turn two once!
 It was a really fun family day for all of us.  We really should do more Chloe-centric days like this.  Of course she loves it, and guess what so do we!