Saturday, December 11, 2010


You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts the last few weeks! Well there was a very good reason for this, we were on vacation in sunny Maui! Oh my gosh it was amazing!! The best way to show what a great time we had is to show you the pictures. We stayed with my friend Amber and her husband (BJ) and daughter (Tuesday or "Tu Tu" to Chloe) in a huge pimped out condo on the beach. It was pretty close to the size of our house but definitely nicer. Chloe had several favorites this trip:
1. the elevator. she couldn't get enough, we would ride it up and down just for her. Sometimes this ended in tears as we had to pry her out of it to go back to our room :)

2. the ocean. this was her first experience with big waves and warm ocean water you can get in. She would dive in head first if we didn't sprint after her mad attempts to run out to sea.

3. the sand. especially knocking down sandcastles- ours not other peoples

4. the hot tub pool combo. she would bounce between the two so often. I would estimate she switched about every minute or less. I guess we had to work off those Mai Tais somehow!

5. the flowers. she loved pointing out, touching and smelling the tropical flowers.
6. the birds. I can't beleive I didn't get a picture of her chasing the birds by the pool. There were tons of tiny birds that offered endless chasing opportunities for Chloe. She loved it.
7. TuTu her sidekick for the trip!
8. our undivided attention for two weeks!!!
It was an amazing trip and I can not wait to go back! It was so wonderful, I don't think I will ever go back to any other island!! AMAZING!!

more snapshots from paradise

footprints in the sandfun with Dad
playing in the waves
running down the beach
playing in the sand
running from the waves
look what I can do!
up north overlooking gorgeous mountains and cliffs. it was so windy up here!
wet from the ocean
family photo courtesy of another nice tourist.
Ah so wonderful!