Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the imaginarium

In our ever going attempt to do more fun things for Chloe we have been going to the imaginarium at the museum on an almost weekly basis. They have tons of really cool things to see and play with, for parents and for kids! The have a whole aquarium section, an energy section, a bubble section, and more. Chloe's favorite is the under 5 area where she can run wild and explore everything.Here the was a huge encased giant "roller coaster" for balls to go through. There are a few spots the balls come out and then the kids can put them back in and see where they go. I think I remember something like this at OMSI when I was little.
Of course there is no shortage of pretend play areas like this "tree house" with slide.
We spent a long time here :)
There was also a rock climbing area with a tunnel and yes another slide. It was pretty neat. All of the rocks are made of recycled rubber particles so it was not dangerous for little hands.
There are countless puzzles and activities to build dexterity and to challenge little minds. This one was a marble maze.
Here Chloe is exploring color.
Look everything is yellow!
This place is awesome, and like most other activities we discover, I wish I had know about this so much earlier! Chloe loves it here, and it is awesome to see her learn and interact with other little kids. It is a bonus to get me meet other parents too. We have gone several times, and I still don't think Chloe has seen everything yet!

A little photo shoot

I was looking back and realized that I have totally slacked off on my mini photo shoots with Chloe! When she was a baby I was doing them all of the time. That was probably because it was easy to keep her clean, and she stayed where I put her..... but I am still up for the challenge. Plus this stage is way too cute to miss!

Chloe helped make a valentine for her Dad, then tried to pull all of the stickers off :)
I did not pose her. She just does this stuff on her own!

Ahhhh it is this happy little girl that makes it all worth it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bounce Bounce Bounce

We are so busy during the week that we don't get to do as much Chloe focused activities as we would like. So on the weekend we have been trying to make a special effort to plan fun activities especially for her.

Here we are out to breakfast. In this picture I am asking Chloe to show me her big smile! The food took forever to get to our table, so there were a lot of distraction games while we waited for breakfast. I don't think Chloe minded too much!

Next we headed off to Bouncin' Bears. A new favorite, and GIANT hit! This place is basically a huge padded room filled with gigantic inflatable bounce houses, slides and mazes. Chloe LOVED it. Andrew and I got a bit queazy by the end because it was basically like being on a rocking boat for an hour, but Chloe could have stayed there all day if we let her.

She went down the big slide by herself! (over and over and over and over)
Jumped on a huge inflatable floor with Dad, and basically had an awesome day.
She ran all over the place! It was great for her to have a huge safe area to run wild in! The only down side was having to leave. She DID NOT like that part :) Nobody ever likes to leave when they are having fun! But her falling asleep on the five minute car ride home reassured us that we called it correctly.
We will definitely be going back but next time with dramamine for the grownups!!