Thursday, June 21, 2012

Too big? No problem!!

BEFORE size Medium.  
It was so big we had to roll the t-shrt sleeves since they went to her wrists.  Basically it was insanely huge.  She called it "the coach's shirt".  It was probably about the same size as his shirt!

AFTER size medium no more!!!
I scoured the web for the best way to alter the shirt and found THIS AWESOME SITE
I was a little freaked out because I had a super busy day with the girls and didn't get to start this project (or eat or pee...) until I had only 2 hours till she had to be at practice.  I had to cut the entire shirt up and re-sew the whole thing.  When I was cutting up the shirt with scissors I was thinking.....I hope this isn't a big mistake, I don't get a do-over.... But it worked out just how I planned (a miracle)!  Now her shirt fits!  I had to resist the urge to add any extra cute details (like rouching or gathered sleeves.....) Now that I know how to do this, I could totally alter any shirt to fit Chloe.  An old shirt of Andrew's could be re-purposed for Chloe.......  The opportunities are endless....unlike my free time :)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

If you come stay at our house......

You will have a guest room (this room highlights as my sewing/project room)
And best of all an awesome view!!
 This is all our yard!
 You may also get a yummy breakfast with two adorable little munchkins!

This guest situation is so much better than at our other house!  Well pretty much everything is so much better at our new house, but the ability to have guests over comfortably is one thing that makes us really excited!  We can't wait to see you!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day Andrew!  We love you so much!   I dug up newborn photos with the girls so we could really remember what is is that we are celebrating today!  Fatherhood suits you!  As I was looking back on the photos I could really see how young you (actually both of us) looked when we had Chloe.  I suppose we were just 3 years younger, but somehow it looks and feels like 10 years have passed since then!  

Andrew and Chloe

 Andrew and Madeline

The girls love you so much!  This is what they do every morning after you leave for work.  

 Lets not forget the other Dads in our lives!  Happy father's day Dad!!!!!!!  

 Happy father's day Jim!!!!!!
Happy Father's day!!!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Official Soccer Mom!

Chloe had her very first soccer practice last week.  It was pretty adorable.  It is a good thing that we are not taking it very seriously because most of the time Chloe wasn't really into it at all, and both of us had to work pretty hard to keep her interested.  She pretty much just wanted to go swing the whole time (35 minutes).  Maybe she will be more interested next week :)  She did have fun, and I managed to get some good photos of her in the process!

Maybe when she knows what to expect she will like it more!  Also you may have noticed she has a little extra room in her soccer shirt.  They were all out of her size, which we can't complain about since we signed up after the deadline.  It looks like I will be doctoring it up to transform the shirt-dress into a shirt! To my credit though- really, who would think that soccer starts at age 3????  Too adorable.  They had all the parents line the sides of the field and kick the ball back into play when it was kicked out....which was pretty much every time the ball was kicked.  There were a few goals made into the wrong goal, and several kids who just stood on the field, not sure what was going on (yes that was Chloe).  Hopefully she will like it more as the practices go on.... if not oh well, we will do a lot of swinging!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

the Party

We had a BIG party for Chloe's birthday, and SO SO SO many people came!  We were so busy the whole time we barely got to take any pictures!  But I did make sure to get the cake photos.
Elena made the most awesome mini cake for Chloe!  We got the idea from Amber's super colorful cake from her baby shower.  Katie was kind enough to send me an email with her tips and tricks and also linked THIS recipe for the cupcakes that Elena ended up using!  Seriously they were the most amazing things I have ever seen!
When Chloe saw them online it was all that she wanted!

Of course Elena could have made anything look amazing.  Below is the cake she made for Chloe's second birthday.  AMAZING!
 All of the color was so inspiring that we decided to make rainbow cookies!  Chloe chose three colors and I divided the sugar cookie dough into 3 containers and added food coloring to each.  We then chilled the dough then broke it into pieces and laid it out over wax paper.  
 Chloe squished it all up into one sheet
 Then rolled it flat.  (I do not have a rolling pin as I do not bake very often and don't want to give up any prime kitchen real estate to something I seldom use.  A wine bottle always does the trick!)
 We chilled the sheet then cut out shapes and put them on the cookie sheet to decorate!
 They turned out awesome!  Loving the color!
Maddie says hello too! 
 It seems that the girls are changing very quickly now, and I need to take more photos to keep up with it all.  The only problem is that I am too busy trying to keep up with them to take photos!  A catch 22 :)