Wednesday, November 13, 2013


 It snowed for real a few days ago!!  And of course the snowblower Andrew got to get some outdoor exercise.  I tried to help, but the girls got cold from playing in the snow, so we had to cheer him on from inside.  

Thanks Andrew!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a big deal at houses with kids, but it is HUGE at our house.  Chloe loves everything spooky- I mean really spooky!  She wanted to be a goblin this year, and after many discussions about what a goblin looks like, we came up with this costume.  Maddie wanted to be a goblin too, so 2 costumes it was!  Just coming out of a crazy unexpected surgery, it was definitely a challenge to finish these on time.  (I went in for abdominal pain on the 19th and left on the 20th minus and ovary and softball sized tumor behind my kidney).  The first day out of bed for an extended period of time (after about a week), I was on the sewing machine.  We also did face paint.  The first go- round Chloe want blood dripping from her face, but then she decided she might be too scary for other people and opted for red around her eyes only.  So funny!  
 Here are the girls together.  Two little goblins.  When trick or treating Chloe told the people she was a goblin and Maddie was a princess cow.  Where did that come from?!!  Oh well Maddie didn't seem to mind being a princess cow.  :)  They both loved getting candy.  Go figure.  

 Maddie and I came home early, since neither one of us can walk very far :)  Also she really wanted to get into her candy!
 Here are our pumpkins :)  Chloe carved her own this year!  It is the highest one :)  
Happy Halloween everyone!!