Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bath is fixed!

We were without a bath tub (correction, without faucet, handles and plumbing) for more than a month and let me tell you the girls are LOVING the bath again.  Thanks to Andrew's handy work, my ability to reluctantly crawl into tight spaces and my Dad's help for the demolition phase we are back up and running.  Last thing on the list, drywall.  

Not only are the girls loving it, but we love seeing them love it.  You forget how special the little things are, until you get them back :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The warm up!

Until a few days ago it looked like spring up here!  The snow was almost all melted and the roads were dry!  We took the opportunity to go for a lot of walks.  It was pretty awesome.  We are back to a winter wonderland again now, but this was a really nice break!
We even had puddle walks!  The girls were beyond thrilled, and I had to find the rain gear again.  I can not believe this was February in Alaska!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Chloe has a new love.  It is skiing!  We got her ski lessons for Christmas and she loved it so much we keep signing her up for more!  Hilltop Ski area is literally walking distance (maybe a mile, prob less) from our house so it is easy to pop over there for a lesson after work.  It sounds so Alaskan to have a ski mountain right next to our house... And I will add Chloe did see a moose on the slopes a few weeks ago :)  

 She even rides the char lift now!  Here she is with her instructor.  
One night the whole family went out to watch her ski and to play in the snow.  Maddie had a great time too.  We bought skis for her as well but so far she has only used them once, but we are hopeful seeing Chloe might persuade her to gee it another try.  Once she is 3 we can get her lessons too, but until then it is up to us to try to expose her to the sport. 
 Just playing in the snow is fun too!

 This was one of Chloe's final runs of the night.  I couldn't believe how fast she came down the mountain!  Even better she could stop at the bottom!  You can see how happy she is.  I am pretty sure Andrew will keep  signing her up for weekly lessons if it keeps making her this happy!  It is awesome to see the look of pride on her face and hear her talking all about it on the ride home.