Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Back to reality :)

Massive snow dump overnight, leads to a little extra work in the morning.  Rise and shine! 

We aren't in Hawaii anymore!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Back from Hawaii!

We are back from our nice long break in Hawaii.  It was so wonderful to get away!  I was especially relaxed as my last day of work was a friday and we left the next day for Hawaii.  It does feel great to be me :)  

The girls had a wonderful flight (both there and back) with special thanks to my quick sewing project the night before we left.  I made Airplane tray covers with pockets to hold crayons, books water bottles etc.  They worked like a charm!

 Maddie is now old enough to watch her own i-pad so we got about 30 min of relaxation-  it was amazing!  
 As usual I overpacked on the airplane activities but the girls were entertained the whole time!!
Of course the star of the trip was the water (pool, hot tub and ocean!)

 We shared a condo with our friends and their two little girls so there was always action going on wherever we were!

View from our lanai.  It was awesome!  We were right over the ocean!

The girls enjoyed the fish feedings too (when the guy showed up with the food.........)

We did a few day trips.  Of course we went to the pineapple plantation as it is always a fav for all of us!

It is crazy that this is really how pineapple grow!  It looks fake!

tons more photos to come!

Hawaii memories

You can guess why Andrew was the favorite parent in the pool!

Andrew had his birthday while we were in Hawaii so of course we made it special!  Presents in the morning followed by a day in paradise (golf course and pool time), and then a special dinner and desert!
 We made special pineapple coconut cupcakes with cream cheese coconut frosting for Andrew :)
 Chloe did most of it on her own!

It was really cute to see how Bennet and Maddie bonded on this trip.  Madeline is the youngest so we do not often get to see her in the older child role.  It was adorable how much she liked to help!    She read stories to Bennie and shared snack with her!

 Playdough cupcakes :)
 All the girls together.  Tuesday was in her favorite prarie girl outfit and graciously lent Chloe an extra bonnet and petticoat (??) for the photo.  

still more photos to come!

honolulu zoo

Another day trip:  this time to the zoo!  It was pretty cool!
 The girls liked the statues just as much as the real animals!

 Edamame snack break!

 Of course the gift shop had far too many options.....Think 30 minutes of lining up and narrowing down the stuffed animal options....
 In the end they both picked female foxes and named them: Cute Sparkle (Chloe) and Gingerbread (Maddie)

 Chloe doing some Hula practice at a pre-luau show.  
 more pool time
 Chloe learned to float and swim on her back this trip!

 Outdoor "cooking" with the plethora of extra spices and flour we had.

 Mom and me pedis!

 The girls earned rides at every outlet store they were good at.  I spent tons of time at Sacs so the girls had a LOT of rides :)  Man that store is awesome!!
 Whenever Chloe writes her name she writes "Chloe R".  Too cute!  There is another Chloe in her class at school so she is sure to differentiate herself every time :)

still have more to come!!