Monday, August 23, 2010

just like daddy

So these are archive photos (from 2 weeks ago), but it was such a cute moment I had to share it! ...So what I remember of this day was that we were both exhausted- probably from all of the house work. Andrew took a catnap on the couch, and Chloe did the most adorable thing! She took the other pillow from the couch, threw it on the ground and laid on it, trying to copy her Dad. She would pretend she was asleep then bolt up with glee. This was super fun for her, and she did it over and over again, squealing and laughing most of the time. This of course woke Andrew, but I am sure he wouldn't have wanted to miss this anyway!
Too cute! Good thing we are always perfect examples for little Chloe and are always on our best behavior........ Well from now on that should be the plan, because she is one smart little girl, who picks up on EVERYTHING. Oh my gosh I would be so embarrassed (and I am sure "will be" is the appropriate term) if this little angel waddled up to someone and dropped an F bomb. Luckily "Dog" is her favorite word now. Very G rated around here from now on! :)

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