Monday, August 9, 2010

Le French Baby

Chloe always looks adorable, but these days she is looking even more fashionable than usual. She has a new French wardrobe from her Grandma Donna's recent trip to Paris. oh my gosh the clothes are so cute. The sizes are a little wonky and say 12-23 months, which seems like a really long time to fit, but here's hoping!!! I have her in a few of the new outfits here:

Chloe at Grandma and Grandpa Romerdahl's in her brand new jacket. (dress by Grandma Julie)
The back is the cutest! The pea coat button finish on the back just may be my favorite part!
I made an amazing discovery: Chloe loves to color. I know, you are probably thinking duh!!! But we did not have crayons for her until last week, because I didn't think she could put enough pressure down to make them color. As with most assumptions I make about Chloe I was totally wrong. I bought a bunch of crayons with the back to school price of 25 cents a box, who could resist.
I set up a coloring station at one end of the kitchen, and it is awesome. I mean AWESOME!!! She will run right over there, sit on her coloring mat (aka a giant flattened moving box) and color away for hours! Well maybe more like 10 minutes, but in still baby time that equals hours to me. She has taken the crayons to other areas, like the sliding door, and "gasp from Andrew" the TV. But they wash right off. No biggie!

Chloe has learned to stick out her tongue too! I just have to ask "Chloe where is your tongue?" and she sticks it out with glee. So freaking cute!
A good shot of another French outfit from Grandma Donna. The jacket again is my favorite! It is reversible, The inside is a cool textured purple fabric. I of course prefer the more wild pattern!
She has a hat to go with too!
We do let Chloe watch some TV (I know how horrible :) ). She really likes anything with animals. Here she sees a dog on the animal planet. As you can see she LOVES dogs! When she sees one she lights up just like this and screams "dog!!!!!"
Just being cute.
So much happens every day, it is hard to remember what is new and what not. But when I look back at the blog I realize that pretty much everything she is doing is new, and I need to (no we need to) do a better job capturing it all!!

Andrew got me a new video recorder (the size of my i-phone) for my birthday, so hopefully we will have more videos to share soon! I can just keep the camcorder in my purse all the time!

PS it has been raining here for weeks on end, can we get some of the nice global warming from the rest of the country please?????


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the new post, she is so adorable and the very stylish clothes are wonderful. By the way Happy Birthday to you!!! It has been busy and I didn't get any card or gift off to you. Give Chloe and Andrew a big hug.

Aunt Emily

Amber said...

So so so cute! I love those clothes, but that toddler is just adorable! :)

Gma and Gpa Peters said...

So cute! By the way, the deck stain looks great too! We all love the blog down here!