Monday, August 23, 2010

anyone in the market?

a link to our house posting!!

I am shocked it didn't sell in the first day :) I shouldn't be though, it seems the universe is conspiring to make all potential buyers run for their lives. The first showing didn't even happen. The people didn't even want to come out of their car, said the agent who just came right in the house 25 minutes early. Very weird. #1 who just walks right into someones house?, and #2 dude, at least come check out the inside, we were sweating bricks to clean for the short notice showing.

Okay the second one was weird. It was this weekend. I took the dogs and baby for a walk while Andrew stayed at home to show the house. I was gone for 45 minutes, and wanted to be sure I didn't interrupt the showing. So the people were only there a max of 3 minutes per Andrew's exasperated story. They show up, it is a nice sunny day, which is great because the backyard is an awesome selling feature. Well they got more than they bargained for back there.

Apparently our next door neighbor thought it would be an awesome time to practice his giant Indiana Jones whip technique. I am not even kidding. Andrew said he had on huge leather gloves and had like a lion taming whip. WHAT??!! I have never seen him practice any whipping of any kind, ever, and he chose that minute to do it? Their kids also must have been hopped up on sugar because they too were in rare form trying to climb over the fence. UGH. COME ON!

All afternoon no-one was out, and they chose this literally 5 minute window to go outside and be weird. We didn't see them out again the rest of the day.

I can't say this was why the showing only lasted 3 minutes, but I have to guess it was a contributing factor.

Wish us luck going forward!


Amber said...

Man oh man, all I can say is I hope you are gettig the craziness over with at the beginning... It sounds like you're in bizarro world!

Mom and Dad Peters said...

You know what they say...
Anything that can go wrong will go wrong!

carmen said...

an the neighbor KIDS are playing with the giant whip. What a great kids toy right?!