Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moose watching!

We had just put Chloe to bed and said goodnight.  I went downstairs and discovered a Mama and baby moose walking up our lawn.  I ran to get Andrew, thinking they would be gone in a few seconds.  We totally lucked out, and they stayed in our yard for almost a half an hour.  It was so awesome we even got Chloe out of bed to come and see.  I am so glad we did, it was incredible.
They were so beautiful.  It was amazing.

 The baby was so young he was still nursing.  I have never seen any animal nurse their baby, so this was really quite an amazing thing to watch.  After he was done he kept putting his little head up against her side, sort of cuddling her.  It was adorable. 
This was by far the coolest "Alaskan experience" I have had here.  I am SO GLAD we got Chloe up to  experience it too.  Even Andrew thought this was amazing, and he grew up here!  Heck he is the one who ran to get the camera!  I know I say it all the time, but I love living in our new place.   LOVE IT!!


Amber said...

Awe! Nursing her baby?!?! How awesome!

Miss Erin said...

what a cool thing to see! your house looks like it has an amazing backyard and great windows looking out! how lucky :)