Friday, July 27, 2012


It has been so sunny and nice here!  Like high 70's.  We take activities outside whenever possible these days.  Painting is especially messy, and we have carpet so outside is pretty much the only place Madeline can learn to paint.  This was her first time and she did so great!  I used washable tempera paint, so it is safe for little fingers.  We did have to take the paint brush out of her mouth a few times, but for the most part she kept it on the canvas. 

 Will will probably work on this painting for a few more weeks of fun.  The hardest part is getting the girls to the shower without paint getting in the house!  A kiddy pool could be a good solution although it is still a little chilly for that.  Maybe we will give it a try!

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Amber said...

So fun! Try getting a bucket and filling it with the hottest water you can before hand, and put a few rags in there. Then when they are done give them a kind of sponge bath! It should be Luke warm at least.