Monday, July 30, 2012

A Flower Walk

We go on walks almost every day, but this day I tried to make it more exciting by calling it a flower walk.  We took pictures of all of the beautiful wild flowers we saw along the way.  It turns out there are a ton of gorgeous flowers up here just growing in the wild.  Granted we did take a few photos of our neighbor's gardens because they are irresistible, and take up at least 5 minutes of our walk each, just so Chloe can smell each flower :)  

 Chloe is a freestyle walker.  She takes every opportunity to jump on or from everything in our path.

 Silly Chloe

 Chloe got tired and need a chariot break :)

 Break over- back to smelling flowers (another beautiful garden, after this pic all the rest are wild again)

I can't say it enough, I love it here!!!!


Amber said...

When your parents fly in have them grab the Alaskan wildflower guide from the info center. We got one when we visited last summer and it's awesome. It's in rainbow order and you can match up the flowers you find. Best of all it's free! Wish we could join you on a walk!

Gma & Gpa P said...

Your neighborhood looks so pretty! What a fun and peaceful place to walk. Looks like there's lots of room for the girls to run and "freestyle" without worrying too much about traffic.

Julia said...

I can see why you love's so beautiful! Your girls are so fortunate to grow up in such a beautiful place. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.