Saturday, July 21, 2012

rediscovered toy!

We are slowly organizing our house and making room for all of the stuff we have stored at the warehouse.  Pretty soon Andrew's parent will be selling the glorious warehouse that we have been using to store: ummmm way more than I clothes, paintings, kayaks, tires, strollers, boxes  and boxes and boxes.....It was pretty much a black hole.  An awesome black hole.  All that stuff needs to make its way to our house (and/or goodwill).  We are prepping to bring it all home;  Imagine shelving, coordinated bins, labels...... Oh I am excited just thinking about it, seriously awesome!!  On our last trip to the warehouse we found this wagon that Chloe got for her first birthday.  Now we have plenty of space for the girls to play with it!  I am pretty sure there will be a lot more discoveries as we get a little deeper into the clean-out!

You can see Maddie was not content to let Chloe do all of the pushing.  She liked pushing as much as being pushed!  I am pretty sure we have another ball of energy on our hands!

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Gma & Gpa P said...

I think Maddie's really enjoying the power. too cute!!