Monday, July 23, 2012

Soccer Party

Can you believe soccer is already over?  We can't.  There was a big BBQ party for all of the little soccer players, and it was pretty great.  Chloe got a medal from her coach which was adorable.  All the players got medals, but it was really special because it was the first medal most of the kids had ever been given.  They were all very excited.  
Maddie was excited too because she got to run all around and play wherever she wanted.  As you can see there is a ton of space!


Chloe played and played and played and ran and played the whole time.  It is too bad soccer is over because she really liked it in the end!  Oh I forgot to say that she scored a goal!  Here is the video!  Her goal total for the season was 3!  Way to go Chloe!

Now I need to find another sport for her to try out! Pronto!

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Gma and Gpa P said...

Looks like such a lot of fun. We loved the video.