Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh Hey Mom!

So, Our daughter is now standing to greet us after her naps.... You can imagine our shock to see this! The crib has since been moved to the lowest level (now the edge is just above her shoulders), and toddler proofing of our entire house continues.

So cute, but wow is she changing fast! She is now what you would call a "cruiser". She can not walk on her own yet but can pull herself up against anything and cruises through any room by holding herself up and grasping whatever is near. She moves from object to object this way! So far she likes to pull herself up on the crib, baby gate, couch, dog (yes dog), and people. Wow. It was just a few days ago that she learned to stand.....

1 comment:

colorchic said...

I especially love the little "halo" behind her head in the top photo! Must be an angel... So Cute!