Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Standing

Now that Chloe has learned to pull herself up, I seem to always find her standing! She was playing in the office, standing of course! She also likes to crawl, and loves the camera!
She slowly eases herself down to sitting now, instead of the plop and cry from a few days ago.
She saw the camera and is now on her way to get it!
Too cute! It seems she is changing so fast. If I wait another week to post I will have missed all of these in between stages. Heck she will probably be reading out loud the next time I turn around! I am so glad we have a digital camera, there is no way I could remember all of this!
Off to bed. I have an early flight in the morning. I am headed to Fairbanks for a day trip. Brrrr.


Amber said...

I think it's the camera that loves her! So cute!!!

colorchic said...

The changes are coming quickly! Lots more hair and beautiful big eyes! Cute!

Anonymous said...


She is growing up so fast; she is starting to look like a toddler instead of a baby. We wish she was closer to Oregon, but we love the blog you keep. Thanks so much.


Anonymous said...

Just like her mom. Never met a camera she didn't like. Hopefully one of these years you can get a shot that you can use to embarrass her or keep her in line. Good luck with that!