Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall Colors

Fall is in full swing! The trees are dripping in bright yellows and oranges. It is gorgeous! Lots of leaves are already on the ground, and we had our first frost this morning. Not to mention that the mountains are now covered in snow. Brrr. The air is crisp and chilly. I love this time of year, I just wish it lasted longer.

Andrew took this on a bike ride up in the mountains.
I took this one from the backyard :)
Fall is also the time to prep for winter (which will probably be here in a few weeks). I made Chloe another blanket, one side is super fuzzy, and the other is this beautiful graphic floral Amber found for me.
The amazing ribbons are from the ribbon jar. This project was also very thrifty, as I took the fluffy fabric from another blanket in Chloe's stash of baby gifts. The original blanket was really nice but way too girly- pink on both sides bordered with pink satin embroidered with angelic characters. I wanted to modernize it so I would actually use it and this is what I came up with. The next one I make will probably have a waterproof layer in the inside, so I can put a diaper free Chloe on it for her naked play time. I didn't think of that until after I stitched up the edges.

I have been sewing a lot more lately since I was bequeathed a serger (surger?) from my Mom. Oh my gosh it is so fun to sew on! I did the entire border with it, which is nice because I know the ribbons are really on there and will not come off- ever! Love it love it love it!! Thanks again Mom!!

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Amber said...

I LOVE that picture of Chloe, what a little cutie pie! Carmen you're a genius, what a good idea to use one of the recieving blanket, I'll have to go through the blanket stash I don't use as often to see if I have one so I can copy you!