Friday, October 23, 2009

Lots of visitors

This has been a fun week for Chloe! She got a lot of time with Grandma Donna and Grandpa Jim. These pictures are from dinner at their house while Chloe was super happy.

It is getting easier and easier to make her smile, especially now that she has learned to squeal. She thinks that high pitched ear piercing noise is the funniest thing ever. We caught her squealing here on camera. And yes it is the funniest thing ever!Here she is with Grandma and Grandpa Romerdahl. She is so happy :)

We had another special visitor this week. Ben is back from Africa and came to Alaska just to visit us. Well yes his Dad happens to live here maybe he didn't just come to see us--but he did stop by! Andrew and Ben took Chloe for a stroll. She was all bundled up in her new adorable little fuzzy blue fleece snow suit. So cute.

But not so happy in this picture. If looks could kill. This picture makes me laugh every time.

We took some more photos this morning in her PJ's. She can't sit by herself yet, but I can tell it is coming soon.

Just relaxing :) Thought we should end with a smile.
Good night and happy weekend!
Also, thank you Jim and Donna for watching Chloe last night while we went out for our 3rd Anniversary dinner. Our dinner was amazing (4 courses at the Marx Bros with wine pairings). So sorry she wasn't the perfect little angel she usually is. 45 minutes of inconsolable crying sounds not so fun. Hopefully the earlier pictures will remind you of how good she usually is! :) Thanks again!


Amber said...

Oh man these ae so cute... And funny. I've gotten that killer look before! I love the squealing one, Tuesday doesn't do that much and I've never managed to get it on film (well digital, you know). And happy anniversary!

colorchic said...

Happy Anniversary Andrew and Carmen! Chloe is so adorable. I totally understand the 45 minutes of inconsolable crying but I've found something that works... Play a little Country Pop - a couple songs tops...Tuesday either falls asleep because she loves it or she's figured out I'll turn it off once she's asleep.
Keep the pictures coming I love checking your blog. Julie