Sunday, December 29, 2013

Joy of Christmas!!

On Christmas Eve we have a get together with friends and family.  This year was no different except that there were more kids in the mix!  At the end of the night the kiddos got in their jammies and we took a few pics.  Annabelle was busy running around having fun and didn't make the pic (sorry Annabelle!) Below are Maddie and Chloe with our friends Rylee and baby Corey.  

 Christmas morning!  Yay the stocking are already open and Santa brought Pocky!!  He knows just what they like!

 After stockings were presents :)  
 We tried to break it up this year by playing with each toy as they opened them, and reading new books.  We even had breakfast in the middle.  It was much nicer to take it slow and enjoy each gift.

 Chloe loved the doctor kit!  Both girls did actually!

 Make your own superhero mask kit was a huge hit!

 Christmas night we went over to close-by Grandma and Grandpa's house for Christmas dinner and a video chat with Aunt Elena and Peter.  
 Yes the girls did get a power wheels.  As you can see it was a huge hit.  They drove back and forth in the living room over and over all night long.  They even switched driver and passenger.  

 They did take a break after gifts to have some desert, but then it was back to playing.  
This Christmas was a lot of fun, but we are all still recovering from all of the activities (Mom especially!)  Next up---New Years!!

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Amber said...

Happy girls! Love that beautiful block set!