Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fun sister time

In preparation for my upcoming retirement (staying home with the girls... just missed it too much) Maddie has switched from full day Montessori to half-days.  Now she gets to spend even more time with her big sister which she loves!  We also had a day where school was closed due to icy road conditionsHere they are playing Talking Carl on the i-pad.  he repeats everything you say in a different voice.  Needless to say, they love it.

Playing with their awesome rainbow wooden stackers
 Did I mention we had a crazy wildlife day??  In the morning we saw  a bobcat in the backyard, then as we sat down for luck there was a young moose in the backyard!  He stayed for about 3 or 4 hours taking a nap, and eating some pumpkins we had leftover from halloween.  

 Chloe has been super interested in reading, and spelling lately.  She is doing great sounding words out and guessing where the letters go!  Nice work Chloe!!
 So excited for more days like these!!


G-Ma/Pa-P said...

We can just hear the noise and laughter with that Talking Carl app. And it makes us smile.

Where did you guys get that realistic looking moose? Costco?

Bobcats, bears and moose, oh my!
The tall tales just keep getting taller. Cats, dogs and squirrels are all we've seen up there! Oh and birds.

G-Ma says that Costco has the Bob books that she talked to you about.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the girls are getting so cute and so fun to be around. I bet you will really enjoy your time at home.


Anonymous said...

All that energy! Perhaps you could bottle some up and send it my way:)!While I don't often comment I so enjoy peeking into all the fun you have at home. Happy Holidays, Julie