Thursday, December 5, 2013

cookie decorating

Our friends came over with their adorable little boy, Caleb to help us decorate some gingerbread boys- as Chloe calls them :)  To our shock the kids just ate tons of the candy for decorating, although they did manage to get some of it on the cookies :)

 We have been having a bit of a cold spell lately, but did bundle up big time to go to the park.
We even went sledding, which was AWESOME!  It will be much better when it isn't 5 degrees out, but the kids didn't seem to mind!!
 And this is our sole remaining thanksgiving picture.  Somehow the photos got deleted from the computer.  Guessing little fingers may have been to blame, but that is just a guess :)

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Gma and Gpa P said...

So happy to see fresh pics! Looks like you're having fun up there. I hope the gingerbread boys were as tasty as you hoped! Wish we could be sledding with you.