Wednesday, April 27, 2011

knitting is my new addiction

So, as you may remember I said that I wanted to knit my own Christmas stockings this year.  Well I have made progress and to my amazement figured out how to do it!  Thanks to all of the help over the phone from Amber and from you-tube tutorials I have some finished stockings!  They are really big, and super bright and happy.  I have two more to go, but got distracted by other fun projects so they are on the back burner for now.
You can see the scale here.  Chloe could almost fit in one of these they are so awesomely big!

 This is one of my distractions.  My first ever sweater!  You can get the free pattern here!  I made this for my adorable pregnant friend Amy and her soon to be born baby girl.  I made the arms extra long so she could fold them up now, and fold them down later for a much longer sweater lifespan.  I absolutely love the bright colors in this noro yarn.  I actually loved this sweater SO MUCH that I went out and bought even more of the same yarn and made a bigger sweater for Chloe.  It looks super cute on and I will post some of those pictures later on!
 I had also been wanting to do a Baby Surprise Jacket designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I found a preemie pattern online and decided to use that one, since I wanted to use a thicker yarn and was afraid if I made the regular baby size it would be way too big.  I love how it turned out and can't wait to see it on our little baby girl once she arrives!  I was right about the sizing too.  It looks like about 3 month size (from what I remember of tiny baby sizes).  I think I will try the long sleeve modification next time, since we do live in Alaska after all!  I used noro yarn for this too and love how the colors turned out.  The quality of this yarn is so far above the quality of stuff you can buy at Michaels or other craft stores.  I will NEVER again buy nylon yarn. NEVER EVER!
I am having so much fun learning to knit!  I have made a few hats along the way too, and will be making more soon!  I am so glad that I went beyond my comfort zone of scarfs and blankets.  The outcomes are so much more rewarding.  Although I am still a super beginner, I feel like I am off to a pretty good start! To anyone who wants to start knitting I say: you-tube is your best friend!!!!!


Amber said...

First of all, you were not kidding, those are freaking huge stockings!!! Oh my goodness your kids are going to love you, think of all the loot you can cram in there! I love that noro sweater, what pattern is it? And the baby surprise turned out perfect, great button choice!!! Ok, I need to put down the beads and pick up the needles now!

colorchic said...

Oh My Gosh! Carmen everything you've knit is absolutely amazing! Love the stockings, I just need two... my children are old enough to get their own. How do I order them? But seriously how are you getting so much done? I've been knitting the very same sweater for Tuesday since last October. What size needles do you use? Perhaps I need chunkier yarn.
Awesome work! I'm only slightly jealous!