Friday, April 29, 2011

Being Chloe

It seems we do not take as many pictures as we used to, so here is a mix mash of the last weeks activities.

We uncovered a long lost toy from Andrew's childhood at the warehouse.  It is a discovery toys marble maze.  Oh my gosh I had the exact same one when I was little too, and now Chloe gets to play with it too!  She LOVES putting the marbles in and watching them go all the way to the bottom.  This occupied her for at least an hour straight when we first got it out.  Now a few weeks later she still wants to play with it!  Honestly it has been super fun for me and Andrew to play with it too!

On the weekends we get the paper, and Chloe has become accustomed to "reading" the comics.  Although have any of you read them lately?  They are not funny at all....I thought I remembered them being funnier when I was little.  

Chloe also likes to do the dishes.  Water is her all time favorite "toy".

Speaking of toys, we put some toy cars in her easter basket and she loves them!  She loves anything with wheels:  trains, busses, trucks, bikes.  She does not discriminate!  Don't you just love this super cool shirt she is wearing?!  On my surprise girls trip to Portland, Amber and I made them for our girls with her silhouette machine.  It is like a printer, but instead of printing it cuts!  I love it!  We made a few shirts with plans for many many more next time I am down!
 This is another shirt we made.  Chloe is modeling it during her post-nap cheese and apples snack.
 And here is the back of the shirt..........  I am not sure why Chloe's pants are off, but now that she knows how to take them off on her own there is no telling what she will be wearing when I turn around.
 Here is Chloe realizing that I am taking pictures of her.  "NO pictures Mama!!!!!!"
She realized she was caught in the act.  It is funny, sometimes she loves the camera, and other times she is so not having it!  Obviously photo time was over for this day!  Luckily after bedtime all is forgotten and the next day begins with giggles and a fresh start.

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Amber said...

Awe she's such a cutie! I can't wait to make more shirts!