Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Next stop, Salem!!

Oh glorious sunshine!!  We basked in the heat every chance we had!  There were water balloons at Baby Isabelle's first birthday...

Slip n Slides at Amber's House

 And a kiddie pool too!!

 There were numerous trips to the fountains at waterfront park!
And to the carousel.  

 We went to Public Works day at the waterfront park- Which was awesome!  The girls got to see all of the different community helpers and try out their trucks, and learn about what they do for the community.  

Oh and they had snow cones too :)
 And when in Oregon it is a MUST to hug at least one tree!!
 We went to Farmers markets
And came home with the most delicious fruit and veggies!
 Lots of alfresco dining!
 Lots of relaxing
and sun bathing between dips in the pool at grandma and grandpas house.
This box, was one of the coveted sun bathing locations.
Most evenings we tried to spend time outside, and these little ladies were lucky enough to get wagon rides to whatever park we decided to go to before bedtime.  
 We visited Deepwood

 And Bush Park
 And another park that I can not remember the name of....  but the girls called it the plum park because of the fruit trees.

 We also played a lot at Faye Wright... my old grade school.  
 Uncle Alex joined in the fun too!
 The girls had a wonderful time at every park, but their favorite thing to do was play Billy Goats Gruff with Grandma.  She really knows how to get into character--- puts me to shame!!

I am pretty sure they will be asking me to play that at every park for the next year!


Amber said...

I love these recaps but it makes me miss you guys soooo much!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting (finally). You captured the trip so well!
Gma and Gpa P