Monday, August 3, 2015

First stop: Oregon!

This summer we decided to take an epic trip; a month and a week of summer bliss.  Our first stop was Portland for 2 nights.  The weather was amazing.  Hot and sunny and gorgeous!

Here are the girls chilling in the boardroom in Anchorage ready to rock on our trip.  Let's hit it!

We spent lots of time in Portland with our super fun friends.  The zoo with Mia and Grant (and Natalie Newton) was super fun.  The highlight if course was the 6 minute train ride.  They are just so cute!

Snack break!  Snacks were an integral part of the day.  
 I wish I could say the animals were their favorite part but alas the other winners were the bronze sculptures and the deep fried Elephant Ears.

Then off for dress up and a dinner party.
Followed by a show :)
We wish you guys lived closer to us!  It was so much fun to play!!  Next stop Salem to visit my Fam (Far away grandma and grandpa) .  

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