Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Day trippin'

We spent a good chunk of our trip in Oregon, and looking back on these photos we really did cram every minute full of fun!

One of the days we got a coveted invite to spend the day with Amber and her girls at their friend's stream front house.  They live on the Mill stream outside of town.  Luck had it, the day was a scorcher so being waterfront was just what we needed!  The girls were not shy, the dove right in!

 Another day we went back up to Portland to visit Erin and her adorable little boy (neither of which I remembered to get a photo with-- fail).  We met downtown in the Pearl and played in the fountain for hours.  

 Another trip was to Corvallis for an awesome waterpark!  It was seriously incredible.  Warm water, tons of activities and endless fun!  The grown ups were in the water just as much as the kids, and having just as much fun too! 

 To take a break from the heat we made sure to visit the coast for some family time with the grand parents, Great Grandma, Great Aunt Emily and Great Uncle Steve.  It was not awesome weather, but the girls seemed to feel nothing but sunshine!  We only had to leave the beach because the Mommy was freezing!

 Driftwood jungle gym

 Smores were the perfect bribe to come off the sand and they were not just for the kids!   
 And of course there was another playground there too!  Grandma and Grandpa were on duty!

Great Aunt Emily with the girlies
Great Grandma :)  
 Another fun thing we did down in Oregon was berry picking!  We went to a couple of different, no-spray organic farms and cleaned up with our hauls!  I wish we had places like that in Alaska!  It was amazing.  We had fresh berries by the handful our entire trip!!
 Ah how I miss the awesome friends, family weather (and horticulture) in Oregon!!

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