Monday, November 14, 2011

Snow Day

This is what Alaska looks like now days....stereotypical gorgeous snowy Alaska!
With Halloween over and Thanksgiving around the corner we took down all of the spiders and bats  and replaced them with fall leaves....... next year I will just skip the leaves and go right into the snowflakes!
Chloe loves the snow and will spend hours out there if she could!  Powell is her favorite snow companion.
 Madeline stays inside and enjoys the snowy view through the window :)
 Look who is a skilled head lifter!!

Her newest achievement is grabbing her feet and playing with them.

And also smiling and giggling at herself in the mirror. 
 Chloe continues to hone her cookie decorating skills.  The sprinkles are by far her favorite part! 

 The aftermath of Halloween cookies.

Gotta love the holidays!


Amber said...

Oh so beautiful! I am so excited for this season!

Gma P said...

Wish we were going to be up there soon. The snow looks so pretty. LOVE the pics of the kids. Madeline is changing so quickly, and we love seeing what Chloe is up to.