Monday, November 21, 2011


Tis the season for knitting, and I am in the mood to organize.  Put those together and you get a project!!  I searched the internet for knitting needle organizers and they were either too homely or too expensive.  I am a do it your-selfer so I decided why not make a few knitting needle holders?!  Here is the link I loosely based my design after.  Isn't the internet awesome?!
 The design is two tiered for straight needles as well as the shorter double pointed needles.  I don't really use straight needles, and knit pretty much everything in the round so I use the upper tier for the circulars. I still need to add the number labels for each needle size, but you get the idea.  
 The whole things rolls up in a tidy little case :)  This is much better than a whole mess of needles strewn in a bag.  The colors make me happy too.  So happy in fact that I decided to make two.  The second one went to Donna who is also an avid knitter, and also organizationally challenged when it came to her needles.  Now she blows me away with her typed up spreadsheets of needle sizes and lengths.  I suspect this is only interesting to about one of you so I will leave it at that.  

 Chloe has also been creative lately building what she calls castles.  When it is finished she grins and asks if she can knock it down.  Repeat times 10.
 Her latest engineering feat.  

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Amber said...

Lol on that picture of andrew! When did you have time to make those?!?! They look awesome!