Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Time Photos

Christmas Eve Party Time!!

The whole family got dressed up for the party! We got to stay up late, all of us! Chloe kept her eyes open until after 9. Wow, and she was happy the whole time! A great success!

Christmas morning was so much more special with a little one in the house! She doesn't know about Santa yet, but she does know she likes the toys he brings! She really liked this musical train from her great grandma. It plays music and cycles balls thru it. Pretty darn exciting!
She also loved the wrapping......bubble wrap, paper, ribbons, tags.... anything!
Chloe also got in the spirit and made this present for her Dad. She did all of it by herself! I painted the blue base, but she did the texure below and all of the colors! We had a great time, and for the most part Chloe kept the paint on the canvas and out of her mouth. We used non-toxic paint- safety first! We will be creating more masterpieces soon!

Next stop was Grandma and Grandpa Romerdahl's house for some more presents. This Baby Einstein Jumper was the hit of the day. She wouldnt stop jumping, even for these pictures...

Here's a little video of Chloe in action on the jumper:

Well, thats all for now. Stay tuned for more Christmas (and New Year's) pictures.


Amber said...

Oh my gosh Chloe is so so so cute! And I can't even see the video yet because it is the middle of the night and I'm on my phone (guess why!). Okay I feel like a mama slacker. I have got to start doing actual projects and activities with Tuesday, that painting is so cool. What kind of paint did you use?

colorchic said...

She is so darn cute and looks like she's going to be an active one! Enjoy, Enjoy!

carmen said...

I used tempura paint for Chloe. The base blue was basic acrylic paint but I let that dry before letting Chloe go at it with the white and pink tempura paint. Then when she was done I let it dry then put a clear laquer coat over to seal the tempura paint in. Otherwise it washes right off. On the back Chloe signed the painting with a handprint. Too cute.